We got your back!


Although the world may look a little (ok a lot) different right now, we are still working hard. Showing up. Every. Single. Day. We’ve been supporting handmade since 2017. To us, this is no different.



At The Hub, we’re blessed in the sense that we already operate primarily online. We’re not a physical retail store with lots of merch, touch surfaces and a cash desk. Our customers can shop from the comfort of their phone before coming in for pickups. No wasted trips for something you couldn’t find.



Our pickup service has always been very safe, with low to no contact. We’re now looking at making it completely contact-less.  It’s like we were designed for COVID-19 (sorry a little humour – couldn’t help myself!).

Even with all that on our side, we still made the difficult choice to temporarily close our pickup service. This was a decision made before we were asked. It is something we felt was in the best interest of our customers, family and community. We don’t expect it to be long before we’re back up and running again. This pause is the least we could do to help.






In the meantime, we are doing our best to continue to support and serve our people. That’s always been our promise. Now it’s our duty.


Here’s how:


We have paused fees for our members. We want to give them one less thing to worry about, one less stress and one less bill. We’re focused more on what we can do now, how we can help, and how to make us stronger when we get through the other side. We want the businesses we work with to be able to do the same.



We’re asking our customers and supporters, where possible, to purchase gift cards. This allows makers to continue putting their family and health first, with the comfort of knowing future sales are coming. In return, as our way of thanking you for making this possible, we’re paying it forward.

All gift card purchases until April 1st, receive an additional 10% gift card equal to the value of their purchase.


Purchase gift cards here.



For those of you who wish to support through shopping, thank you, you still can. The Boutique is open 24/7.

If you have any questions for the seller before checking out, you will find a direct link to their email within each product listing. All makers will reach out directly with buyers within 12hrs of any purchase to make arrangements for getting the product to you. The recommended and approved options  a) waiting to pickup until we re-open our pickup service, or b) shipping. If choosing shipping, fees may apply (to be negotiated between buyer/seller).


Shop The Boutique here.


For new Boutique members, we’re waiving the member fee and the 3-month contract term until the end of April. Our e-commerce website has been online since September 2019 and has been growing steadily ever since. We’re happy to be able to offer our expertise and help others get online during a time they need it most. The future of retail is online. Now more than ever. We’re ready and happy to help!


Makers apply here.


And most importantly we’re looking at all our processes and services with a critical eye and looking at where we can improve to accommodate the ‘new norm’. What practices and services can we implement or tweak to serve our customers better than before? We’re also asking for customer feedback through surveys. Your opinion matters to us and we want to take it into consideration while we make decisions that will affect your experience. We hope you will take a couple minutes to complete our short 10 question survey.


Customer Survey here

Maker Survey here


We will continue to share positive posts on our Facebook feed (visit page here) including but not limited to inspiring quotes, free DIY tutorials, giveaways and ways you can help. Cheryl also continues to check in via live stream on Instagram Live (visit page here) weekly.



We are trying to remain positive through this time of economic uncertainty. We have faith in our leaders and science to get us through this. We know we’re all in this together and together we’ll all be ok. We are so very grateful for all the love and community we see coming together to support and lift each other up. And completely amazed at the creative ways people are finding to come together and support one another. We choose to focus on the hope instead of the chaos. We are doing our part to flatten the curve and make choices for others and not ourselves.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing your part to keep each other safe. For all the sacrifices you and your family are making during this time. We appreciate all the things we see and don’t see that are going on around the world to unite in a common goal for all of humanity. Please keep on being the best you can be. You are a part of the solution and we are thankful for you!



Cheryl & The Maker’s Hub Team