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Personally Papered began in 2014, shortly after returning to work from maternity leave. I desperately wanted to have the work-life balance we all dream of. I dropped from full-time to part-time and started up my maker business. I immediately fell in love with the maker community and Personally Papered. It was the perfect fit. It was my happy place. It became apparent early on with my home-made business, that there was an opportunity to improve the current method of exchanging with customers. The current ‘norm’ of ‘porch pick up’ was too problematic and not quite convenient enough. It just didn’t jive. I began brainstorming ideas to solve the problems I was faced with; privacy, safety, security, convenience, theft, error. And I knew I wasn’t the only one. After a lot of thought and consideration, The Maker’s Hub was born. Well, actually, first it was named ‘Porch Pick Up’, then, ‘The Maker’s Niche’ and eventually became ‘The Maker’s Hub’. Planning, sharing and market research had begun. It was an exciting time for me as I have always been entrepreneurial and this was feeding all my business desires! After about 2 years of planning, contemplating, sharing with my trusted inner circle and with my husband by my side, I took a deep breath and made the leap. There was no turning back for me at that point. As of August 2017, I incorporated The Maker’s Hub Inc., signed my lease agreement and handed in my letter of resignation to my part-time job at the bank. It was a big month! Things got real in a hurry and haven’t stopped since. If you want to hear more about my story, please visit my blog post ‘A Maker’s Story’ Cheryl Wilson Maker

Featured Maker – Four Sweets Cookies

Four Sweets was created from a love of baking and a love of family.  I pride myself in creating custom works of edible art.  Four Sweets was named after my four children. They have all played an integral role in the development and growth of the company.  What was once an enjoyed hobby of baking cakes and treats for my children’s birthdays and family holidays, has now flourished into a business that brings me such happiness and gratitude. Every. Single. Day. Four Sweets...




What a fabulous place the maker’s hub is! I love the sense of community that Cheryl brings to her space as well as the invaluable resources she extends to local makers!

Becca Peters



Joining the Maker’s hub has not only helped visibility of my business but has also introduced to me to other wonderful local makers. The first week of the soft opening, my traffic increased. Cheryl is so sweet and accommodating, I’m so happy to be part of such a growing community!

Gulcehre Pushman



I attended a seminar today at The Makers Hub. It was an excellent space and very knowledgeable speaker. Great place to meet others and learn from others. I also had the opportunity to pick up a custom order here. Very handy for us busy Mammas with a “to do” list that never ends.

Kirsten Goritsas

The Maker's Hub

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