I’ll be completely honest with you here. When I first embarked on my adventure starting The Prickly Pear, I was intimidated by navigating the handmade shopping community of Durham Region. That is, until I met Cheryl of The Maker’s Hub! There have been MANY ways her business has helped jump-start my journey to success. I can’t wait to share a few of my favourites!

~ Becca Peters
The Prickly Pear

Introducing me to an amazing community of local makers that are passionate about their craft.

Part of being your own boss means that you spend a LOT of time working independently. And although that independence is something that drove us to become makers in the first place, it can sometimes feel isolating. Since becoming a member at The Maker’s Hub, I truly feel like I have found my tribe. With the concept of community over competition at the heart of what they do, they have helped encourage me to make lasting friendships and business relationships with people I can relate to and share struggles and successes with!

Hosting Durham Regions BEST directory of local handmade makers.

Back in December, The Maker’s Hub completely overhauled their website. With it came the added bonus of the new Handmade Shopping Directory. One of the amazing benefits to becoming a member is you get a listing on it! Access to this amazing perk has completely revolutionized the way that customers discover my business. With The Maker’s Hub’s constant traffic to their shopping directory, my handmade business has become more visible and accessible than ever before.

Offering their one of a kind pick up service.

When you wear as many hats as us handmade makers do, scheduling time slots to arrange local pickups can become frustrating and time-consuming. And with porch pickups as the only alternative, it often felt like I was sacrificing the privacy of my home and taking on unnecessary liability risks. By utilizing The Maker’s Hub Pickup Service, I have the freedom to drop orders off when it’s most convenient for ME and my handcrafted items are safely stored until it works best for my customer to come get them. Everybody wins!

Creating space to showcase my talent.

Have you had the chance to check out The Showcase Cubes at The Maker’s Hub? They feature items crafted by myself and more than 40 other local makers in a tangible marketing display where we can show off our depth of craft, quality and the love that goes into each and every finished product. It’s the perfect way to get my products noticed and truly appreciated.

Curating seminars on ways to improve my business.

Some of the best practical knowledge I have acquired since starting my handmade business was from the amazing keynote speakers that have hosted workshops at The Maker’s Hub. With topics ranging from branding, goal-setting, marketing, social media and even insurance! These seminars have helped shape my direction, goals and message that I carry as I navigate the often daunting world of small business ownership.

I highly recommend any and all those that are running their own handmade business to check out the services offered by The Maker’s Hub. It’s a decision I’m glad I made.

Take care, friends!

Becca – Bath & Body Artisan

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