5 Reasons Why Shopping Local & Handmade Is The Best EVER!!

Supporting the handmade community is at the very heart of what we do here at The Maker’s Hub of Durham. So it’s no secret that we LOVE to shop for goods from local makers. But we have to ask: Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes shopping local such an amazing experience?

Here’s our take!

1. You get to keep YOUR money in YOUR community. Handmade Makers are real people that YOU know! They are your friends, neighbours and peers who share community spaces with you. When you shop local, not only are you helping support a family within your own neighbourhood, but you are helping create and maintain new jobs and a better tax base. That money can then be spent on the betterment of public services. Like schools, transit and emergency services for you and your family.

2. You receive outstanding customer service. Handmade business-owners are genuinely excited to get to know you and share their passion with you. It’s easy for them to stand behind their quality of craft when they take the time and careful consideration of selecting each element that goes into the product you choose to buy. Some of the very best customer service experiences can be found right in your own backyard!

3. You can help keep your community diverse and unique. Handmade one-of-a-kind businesses distinguish and add character to Durham Region. Allowing for a better use of community space and help bring in out-of-town shoppers to help further support our economy.

4. You know where your product is coming from. Makers bring a level of passion to their craft that you just can’t find when shopping from large corporations and big-box-stores. Whether it’s an apparel business that selects high-quality textiles to clothe your toddler, or a bath company that sources ingredients that you can feel safe about bringing into your home, shopping hand-made businesses ensures that every aspect of your finished product has been carefully considered.

5. You get to do your part for the environment. When you purchase from local businesses, you are helping cut down on the miles that goods spend in transit as they are distributed to big-box-stores. This small change cuts back on air pollution, lowers green-house gas emissions and reduces the carbon footprint of our community!

Are you ready to jump in and experience handmade for yourself? Find your next favourite brand? Connect with your local makers? We invite you to visit The Maker’s Hub website. The home of our flourishing shopping directory, event calendar and so much more! This is your personal gateway to joining our community. Where you can experience accessible, local handmade shopping!

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