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Better Customer Experience!


Simply put, there’s no comparison. It’s intimate. It’s personal. And it feels good.

Why is that though? Let’s unpack that a little, shall we?

It really comes down to each and every customer being valued. Local small business owners see you, hear you and will go above and beyond for you. They are deeply connected and involved. Touching every aspect of the business.

Have you ever noticed your local small business owners often know you by name? Or that they know what you like? What you need? Sometimes it seems they even know you better than you know yourself. It’s because they care. It’s because they listen. It’s because they know the value of building a strong relationship. They take the time, to get to know you!

For this reason alone, shopping local and small will always outshine the big box experience, but it’s not the only reason…



Keeping your hard-earned dollars close to home


There is no denying, as consumers we all have choices about how we spend our money. We always have, but now, more than ever before, it matters. Your local economy needs you and you need it. It’s mutually beneficial. Symbiotic if you will. Here are some of the ways:


When you support local businesses, you’re investing in your local economy. Which directly impacts your quality of life. How you ask? Because local small businesses invest in other local small businesses. Whether buying supplies, paying taxes, sponsoring local programs, donating to local charities, speaking at schools, hosting events or enrolling their children in local sports teams and clubs (just to name a few ;P). Simply put, your money stays close to home.



And it doesn’t stop there!


Local businesses create employment opportunities for YOUR children, family, friends and neighbours. They work directly with YOUR government and local associations to assist in development of YOUR programs and legislation that directly impacts YOUR local infrastructure and programming.


They are leaders and cultivators. They inspire others to open their own small business and take a chance, try a new idea, live their dreams, pursue innovation. They’re inspiring! It’s contagious, in a good way. In a way that fosters growth and abundance.


And of course, they increase the tax base, which funds programming and improvements for your community. For example, your schools, libraries, non-profit organizations, road improvements, social events and so much more.



They enrich the community. They breed and feed other small businesses. The healthier the small business sector in your local community, the healthier your community is.


It’s a fact, when you invest in local business, you invest in yourself. You get to see your hard-earned dollars being spent right back where it belongs. Benefitting you!


Local identity


Main streets are filled, up and down with small businesses. They’re literally the brick and mortar that make the face of towns and cities around the world. They add personality, and charm. They attract tourism.


There’s no denying, local businesses cultivate diversity and character in ways that build a unique and original vibe. Something truly one of a kind. A reason for people to come. A reason for people to stay. For people to shop. To dine. To make new memories. The list goes on.


In a nutshell, small businesses create vibrant identities that represents home-town pride.



Unique products


Unlike big corporations, shopping local is going to offer you something different. You’ll find unique twists on traditional items, or products that you never even knew existed. For example, there are lots of local makers and artisans in every community who bring their personal experiences, skills, and creativity to market. Take the time to get to know your resident handmade community. Believe me, you will be amazed.





Flourishing businesses continue to invest in their store fronts. Whether through renos, upgrades or property maintenance. Whatever it is, they see the value in improvements, and IF thriving, they have the capital to make them happen.  Without this capital our main streets would quickly become old, outdated and run down.

New blossoming businesses bring with them a fresh new look and innovation. On the flip side, old and reliable businesses hold the stability and trust needed to preserve local town vibes. We need both to survive, so they can invest in their own unique ways. The only way to make that happen is by community members showing up and supporting both old and new. By shopping, using their services, enrolling in their programs, recommending and sharing.



Community Strong


More times than not, you will find local businesses working together, as partners and collaborators to find solutions for common problems. You will see support for each other in endeavours big and small. Which insulates the community with human connections, strength, love, and prosperity.

This community network becomes a referral generator for growing and fostering other small businesses. Through sharing and spreading the word to their customers and community about others. It’s a beautiful thing.



And most importantly,


Local business owners are your friends, your family, your neighbours and community leaders.

Most have literally put everything on the line to serve you. They have dared to risk it all, to help find you the perfect solution for your needs and wants. They have invested in a career in the very place you call home. Show them all their risks, sacrifice and stress hold value. Whether through a purchase, a review, word of mouth or a high five. Whatever way you show your support for the small businesses you love, you can bet it’s felt and appreciated more than any big box store ever could. Your vote of where you choose to spend your hard-earned money matters to them. You matter to them.


When you’re faced with the choice to shop big or small, please think of these reasons when you decide. Now more than ever before in our lifetime, conscious buying matters.


Cheryl Wilson
Small Business Owner in Durham Ontario since 2014