We have recently had the pleasure of meeting the wildly talented author and entrepreneur Lisa Aquilina. It was clear from the moment meeting Lisa that she is passionate about empowering women, but more specifically women in business. If you’re looking for someone that’s inspiring and uplifting, all while keeping things real, you need to find her and follow her. Trust us! Her links are at the bottom of this fabulous read, Planning a Positive 2018. Thank you Lisa for allowing us to share your Blog with our viewers xo (originally posted Dec. 11 2017)

The month of December is zooming by as we busily prepare for the holiday season and all of its festivities. It’s also the time where we begin to hear a lot about resolutions and goal setting for 2018. As a huge goal-digger at heart, I have always been a big believer in intention setting and writing out my goals and aspirations. However, I’ve come to realize that before we add more to our plates and the long list of to-do’s, it’s more important to first take a moment to assess and gain clarity about what we truly want out of all aspects of lives, and who we want to become. So before you dive in to a pile of self-development books and worksheets, the easiest place to begin is by asking yourself a good set of questions – questions that will force you to be really honest with yourself and help you to get clear about not just what you want, but how to obtain it.

As you plan for the new year ahead, here are some important questions to ask yourself to help you design a life you love and get clear on what you truly desire:

How do you want 2018 to look and feel like?

One word: Fabulous! This is your chance to manifest the best year possible and you can begin to do this by deciding exactly how you want the new year to look and feel. What are some of the things you want to see happen in 2018? Do you want to feel happier and more confident? Do you want to welcome new relationships that feed your soul and add to your life? Do you want more success and financial reward? (Um, yes!) Consider all areas of your life and begin the manifestation process. When you are truly committed to a vision, subconsciously you will begin to move in that direction with much more ease and clarity.

How do you want to look and feel?

Every woman deserves to put their best foot forward and as cliché as this may sound, this is a wonderful opportunity to step into the new year as a new you. Maybe this year you didn’t make yourself a major focus and you want to gain back that confidence again. Maybe you are ready for a change or feel it’s time to re-invent yourself. Is it time for a fresh cut and colour or to vamp up your wardrobe and step outside the box with a new colour palette? Whatever it is, write it down and start designing the new you. Beauty and wellness starts from the inside so don’t forget to consider questions like: Do you want more energy and vitality? What about your health and fitness goals? I’m not talking about diets or fads, but perhaps you are ready to make some healthier, more sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Do you want to be less stressed and feel lighter and happier? (Don’t we all!) You deserve to look and feel your best so take your time with this one because true happiness is an inside job.

What do you need more of in your life?

Shoes! I’m just kidding (sort of) All joking aside, what are some of the things, people, and emotions you want to have more of in your life? It could be enjoying more time with family and good friends, more laughter and joy, more energy and motivation, date nights with your partner, more cocktails with girls, new business opportunities, travel time, etc. Whatever these things are, they need to make sense to you and your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to make this list long and filled with things that seem outrageous or out of reach. If these are the things that you really want, and will ultimately support your betterment and fulfill you on a multitude of levels, then go for it! Because if you are not clear on what you want, how will you ever get it?

What do you need less of in your life?

This is one of my personal favourite questions and one that has drastically helped me make incredible improvements in my life, both personally and professionally. One of the top and most common answers to this question is drama. If you are someone who is truly looking to grow to new levels and design a life that is positive, successful, happy and rewarding, you need to cut yourself loose from all of the people and things that are holding you back and weighing you down. Period. Sometimes it’s not as simple as a quick snip, but you’re still capable of creating distance where needed or no longer accepting an invite to every petty party. On another note, maybe you need fewer commitments? Perhaps you spent too much time this year saying “yes” to everything – including the things you were secretly screaming “no” too. Maybe you’re secretly craving more time and space to yourself. Again, this is very personal and answers will vary from person to person. But the most important thing is that you become crystal clear on what you no longer need in your life so that you can begin to release, remove yourself and make the necessary changes.

Do you feel that you used your time efficiently in 2017? Why or why not?

Be really honest about this. If you are someone who is serious about making positive changes in your life (and I assume that you are since you are reading this) time management is crucial. I’m not necessarily referring to a robotic, structured schedule that leaves no room for general life stuff. I’m more referring to the time wasted on things, people or situations that could’ve been utilized better to support your goals. Take a few minutes to reflect on your day-to-day routine and look for opportunities to make the most of your time.

What are you no longer available for – both physically and mentally – in order to give you more time, self-love, and help to create positive momentum?

The clarity and perspective you’ve gained from answering the first few questions will definitely help you answer this one. But also consider the following: I am no longer available for self-doubt. I am no longer available for negativity. I am no longer available for people who don’t support me. I am no longer available for struggle. Take your time on this one and really begin to claim out loud all of the things you are willing to release and no longer allow. Think beyond just people and things, but also with the way you speak to yourself. You have to learn how to become your greatest fan and be the first voice of motivation, love, encouragement, and support you hear daily. How we talk to ourselves is a direct reflection of what we put out into the world. These will become your new mantras for 2018.

What do you want to accomplish? What are some of your top goals for 2018?

Here comes the fun part! Now that you are becoming clearer on everything you want, everything you don’t want, and everything you are no longer available for, how are you going to spend all of this new and fabulous energy? Again, don’t worry about what your writing, just start. Breakdown the different areas of your life and start redesigning them: Family life, your career, friendships, health and wellness, fitness and nutrition, etc. The minute you start writing out what you want to achieve is the minute the universe starts putting things in motion to help you get there. But that’s only if you’re willing to do what it takes to achieve these goals. Which brings us to my next question…

What are some of the things you need to start doing to achieve these goals?

Ah-ha! This is the part where we switch gears from dreamer to do-er. It’s simply not enough to just want or desire something. You have to make the change and begin taking the necessary action to bring these dreams to fruition. So one by one, go through your list of fabulousness for 2018 and begin writing out how you plan to make these things possible. What do you have to start doing? Who do you have to become? What action do you need to take daily? What habits do you need to rid of or develop? Keep asking yourself question after question until you are creating a real plan of action that’s both realistic and attainable. Remember, dreams don’t work unless you do

Are you ready to create and commit to a better you, a better year, and a better life?I hope you are screaming YES! Because you deserve it. Because tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us and it’s always better to say “oops” than “what if?” Take a chance. Make a change. Let go of what is no longer serving you so you can make room for the things that will support your betterment. As the year unfolds, revisit this set of questions time and time again and make the necessary changes and adjustments as needed. Your life is a piece of art and is meant to organically develop into something beautiful. As you grow and succeed, you’ll naturally desire more so don’t be afraid to re-access every now and again and regain clarity when life gets fuzzy. One thought, one idea, one step, one day, one goal, and one achievement at a time. You. Will. Get. There. Stay committed to the person you want to become and I promise, your future-self will thank you for it.

I believe in you,

Lisa xo