Simply go to Click on the ‘MAKER’S PORTAL’ button in the top right. Click on ‘New User? Click to register’. It’s absolutely free to register!! Video tutorial—-> here.

    Each business will need to be registered with ‘The Maker’s Portal’ in order to create a user profile for each one. Each business will need their own username and email address to create a profile. Just be sure to be signed into the appropriate profile when scheduling pickups so the correct information is pulled to notify your customer of their pickup. Sending out the wrong business name for pickup could lead to confusion for your customer.

    Your customer gets an email from us telling them their pickup is ready. That email will contain an order number and all the details they need for pickup, like address and hours. Then they come into The Hub for pickup with the email or order number.

    Enter ‘THE MAKERS PORTAL’ through the menu (top right). If you haven’t registered to access The Maker’s Portal yet, you will need to do so. It’s free to register. Then click on “Schedule Pickup”. Enter your customers name and email address and hit ‘Add to cart’. You’ll need to do this for each pickup. Remember, each customer must be input separately. Don’t forget to checkout! Video tutorial—-> here

    Your business name. A business card, sticker or stamp work great! Customer’s first and last names.

    Stevenson Road South is your best exit.

    We are conveniently located at 1380 Hopkins St., Unit #5, Whitby. Just minutes from the 401 and Thickson Rd.

    There is lots of parking right out front.