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BATCH SCHEDULE batch schedule multiple pickups at once. Download the sample CVS below. Upload your spreadsheet. Recommended.

COPY & PASTE customer info one at a time into fields and add to cart. Once completed proceed to checkout. Ideal for small drops.

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Batch Pickup Request

You can batch upload multiple pickup requests below.


To start, please download the SAMPLE CSV (spreadsheet)


Add one row per pickup request. The product/SKU should be the pickup location (currently Whitby) and the quantity always set to 1.


Once completed, please select Choose File then Upload

Upload your order

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Import Excel.CSV File

Follow the steps below to import multiple products using an CSV file. Click here to download the


  • Enter Product Id/SKU in Column A
  • Enter the quantities needed in Column B
  • Please do not include any prefixes, dashes, or other punctuation in the item numbers. Save the file on your computer. CSV format (.csv) and click Upload.

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