Where are you located?

We are conveniently located at 1380 Hopkins St., Unit #5, Whitby. Just minutes from the 401 and Thickson Rd.

What's the best exit?

Stevenson Road South is your best exit.

Where do I park?

There is lots of parking right out front.

Do I need to be a member to use your pickup service?


How does the pickup service work for Makers?
  1. Enter ‘THE MAKERS PORTAL’ through the menu (top right). If you haven’t registered to access The Maker’s Portal yet, you will need to do so. It’s free to register.
  2. Then click on “Schedule Pickup”.  Enter your customers name and email address and hit ‘Add to cart’. You’ll need to do this for each pickup. Remember, each customer must be input separately. Don’t forget to checkout! Video tutorial—-> here.
What should I put on my packages?
  1. Your business name. A business card, sticker or stamp work great!
  2. Customer’s first and last names.  
How does the pickup service work for customers?

Your customer gets an email from us telling them their pickup is ready. That email will contain an order number and all the details they need for pickup, like address and hours. Then they come into The Hub for pickup with the email or order number.

How do I schedule pickups if I have 2 different businesses?

Each business will need to be registered with ‘The Maker’s Portal’ in order to create a user profile for each one. Each business will need their own username and email address to create a profile.

Just be sure to be signed into the appropriate profile when scheduling pickups so the correct information is pulled to notify your customer of their pickup. Sending out the wrong business name for pickup could lead to confusion for your customer.

How do I register for The Maker’s Portal?

Simply go to Click on the ‘MAKER’S PORTAL’ button in the top right.

Click on ‘New User? Click to register’. It’s absolutely free to register!! Video tutorial—-> here.

Does registering for The Maker’s Portal mean I’m a member?

The Maker’s Portal registration gives you access to our business side of the website. Which highlights our services and pricing we offer handmade businesses. You’ll need to subscribe to our monthly membership to benefit from all the amazing features we offer to our members.

How do I become a member?

Enter ‘The Maker’s Portal’, go to ‘Services’ and click on ‘Join The Directory’. There are 2 levels of membership. Memberships are subscription based and will auto renew monthly.

What’s included in the membership?
  • Shopping directory listing
  • First invite to pop-up markets
  • 20% off studio rentals
  • Discounts to seminars & workshops
  • Community & networking
  • Referrals
When can I book the Showcase?

Anytime. If there are any available  in inventory, you can book. Terms start on the first of the month. Book yours here.

When can I come in to set up my Showcase?

You can bring your items to The Hub starting the 1st of the month, give or take a day or two if we are closed or you cannot make it in on the 1st.

Do I need to be a member to Showcase at The Hub?

No you do not need to be a member to showcase

How many Showcases can I rent?

Only one per business

What if I have 2 or more businesses, can I Showcase more than 1?

Totally! You will need to have a user profile set up for each business, but you are welcome to showcase each one!


What is The Makers Hub Handmade Boutique?

The Maker’s Hub Handmade Boutique (TMHHB) is an online store operated by The Maker’s Hub (TMH) to assist local Makers and Artisans with sales and distribution of their products.

Who can sell in the shop?

Our store is available for Handmade Makers of Durham Region (Ontario) and surrounding areas, to sell their handcrafted products. The Maker’s Hub uses an application process to add new products to the shop.

How much is it?

Listing fee (required): a monthly listing fee of $9.95/month +HST per listing. This fee covers the listing creation, ongoing maintenance of the website & SEO’s management, up to 5 product variations per listing, up to 10 product photos per listing, edits and social media marketing efforts. It also includes a business listing on our Handmade Shopping Directory.

Pro Sellers Plan (optional): This plan includes additional services and features designed to compliment your listing, sales and conversion rates. When you subscribe with our ‘Pro Sellers Plan’ you receive a discounted convenience fee, inventory storage, a showcase and additional variation options. Sellers must have one listing to qualify for the ‘Pro Sellers Plan’. This plan is $49.99 +HST per month and paid by pre-authorized monthly payments.

Add-ons: We also offer Add-on features such as professional photos, additional showcase(s) and inventory storage.

How do the fees work?

Monthly subscription fees for seller plans are automatically deducted by monthly pre-authorized payments which are set up prior to products being listed.

The convenience fee will be deducted from your sales. This is a commission fee and will only be charged on items sold.

How do I get paid?

Sellers will be paid through monthly deposits, less commission fees owed. That’s right, no picking up cheques and waiting for them to clear!!

What do I need to do to sell in your shop?

You will need to submit a product application form for approval. This includes information about you, your product, process and policies.

There is no fee to apply.

Once approved a representative from TMH will be in touch with you with our seller agreement and link to register.

For your listing(s) to become ‘live’ you will be required to  pay the ‘Listing Fee’. For more information about the Listing Fee please see FAQ ‘What are the monthly subscriptions?’.

How long does it take for my listing to be live in the shop?

Listings will not be created and made live until the subscription payment(s) and completed Listing Form(s) are received. If TMH requires contacting the seller for clarification(s), additional information, listing edits, more images etc, this will delay the process.  Once all the requirements have been received, your listing will be live within 3-5 business days or less.

How do I list a product?

Once your ‘Sellers Application’ has been accepted, each product listing request will need to have its own completed Listing Form submitted. Variations of a product can be included with the parent listing form and do not require their own forms.

What products do you recommend listing?

In-order to make the most of your investment with selling through TMHHB we recommend listing top sellers. If an item doesn’t tend to do well on your other platforms, retail outlets or markets, we wouldn’t recommend listing it.

Can we list custom pieces?

Yes, we do require images of each piece.

We sell them through the product variations and link each option to the image.

We can have up to 10 different one-of-a-kind pieces per single listing. 

Can I list Digital products?

Not at this time.

What is a variation of a product?

Variation of a product is when a product is similar overall in description, and identical in price. Meaning it’s available in more than one option, such as size, colour, scent or saying etc.

Can variations be different prices?

Yes, you can define your variation pricing in the ‘Listing Form’.

How many product variations can a listing have?

Each listing comes with 5 variation options included.

Do I have to reapply to add another listing if I already sell with TMHHB?

If you already sell in our shop, you are already an approved seller. To add additional listings, you just need to fill out and submit a new listing form for approval of the new product.

What is the ‘convenience fee’ and what does it cover?

When you make a sale, TMH will deduct a 12-15% commission (depending on your seller’s subscription plan). This fee covers; monthly direct deposits, pickup service fees, detailed monthly reports, processing fees, website servicing, wages, printing, packaging and USD conversion rates.

Is there a discount if a seller has multiple listings?

Yes, if a seller has 6 or more items listed in our shop, they will receive a discount on the convenience fee. Regularly 15% discounted to 12%. The base listing price will remain the same at $9.95/month.

How does HST work?

TMH will not be charging HST on the product pricing. If a seller collects HST it must be included in the cost of the item and the HST # must be provided to TMH to include in the product listing.

The seller is responsible for remitting HST.

Is this site just for Canadian sales?

At this time the shop is only available for local sales. If you can drive to our location, we consider you ‘local’. We do have plans to expand and offer shipping Canada wide, but unfortunately, it’s not currently available.

Who collects payment for the items sold?

TMH will collect payment through the Shopify payment gateway on the website.

How do we track our sales?

TMH will be sending out detailed sales reports.

Sellers will be notified by email with every sale.

Sellers can also visit their listings at any time. This will allow them to see how many items remain in inventory and calculate how many items have sold.

How do the businesses receive payment for sales?

TMH will payout the first and third Friday of the month.

If a listing is created during a payout week, the first payment will be the following payday.

Delays in supplying TMH with direct deposit information will result in subsequent delayed payouts.

What is the return and/or exchange policy?

All refunds, exchanges and/or repairs will be handled between the buyer and the seller. TMH is happy to direct inquiries and facilitate the transaction drop off and pickup. 

How much notice do we have to give to cancel a listing?

2 weeks notice.

Can I swap out our product listing at any time?

Unfortunately, no. If you want to add a new product listing, you will need to fill out a Listing Form and add a new listing. Swapping items creates errors in reporting.

Can we request edits to our listings at any time?

During each month you have an option of 1 edit request – i.e. picture swap, variation changes, description update, sale pricing. This does not include listing integrity edits such as; spelling, grammar, dimensions, stock levels, turn-around times. We want to ensure accurate listings at all times. Please notify us of any integrity edits through

Is there a maximum number of listings a single business can list in the shop?

No, but all items must be submitted for approval through the Listing Form. If a product is already considered saturated in the shop the listing may not be approved at that time.

Is there an inventory minimum to list?

Yes, we require a minimum of 5 items in stock to list. You do not need to maintain this once listed, but we do recommend keeping your listing stocked. It is up to the seller to notify TMH through email at to add stock. This does not count as an elective edit. It’s included in the listing fees.

Is there a maximum inventory allowed on a product?

Yes, we have set a maximum of 20 items per product. We feel that anything more than that gives an item the appearance of being undesired and does not create a sense of urgency to purchase. You are welcome to top up a listing’s inventory to 20 by emailing

What if we want more than 1 ‘elective’ edit per month?

Any additional elective edits are billed at $2.95 +HST each and can be submitted by email to Or can be submitted the following month as a free elective edit to avoid this maintenance fee.

How do I find out the status of my application?

All inquires can be sent to We will do our best to respond within 48hrs for all application status inquires. Our process is that a representative from TMH will be in touch with all approved seller applicants within 7-10 business days and will then supply you with our Listing Form.

What if my application was not approved?

Non-approved sellers will be notified and provided an explanation for their application being turned down. For example, photo quality not meeting standards or not qualifying as handmade. A new application is welcome to be submitted for consideration once item(s) have been addressed.

What is the process when an item has sold?

When an item has been purchased, the seller will receive an email notification of the sale. This will be the beginning of the guaranteed turnaround time indicated by the seller in the listing details. It is the Maker’s responsibility to ensure the item arrives at TMH for pickup on or before the guarantee.

Once the item has arrived in for pickup, TMH is responsible for communicating with the buyer that the item has arrived in, our hours and location.

Can we put an item on sale?

Yes, you can put any of your items on sale up to 50% off the listing price. All requests to add a sale to a product are to be submitted by email to We do require a minimum of 2 weeks notice. This would count as an ‘elective edit’ on your listing.

During each month you have an option of 1 edit request – i.e. picture swap, variation changes, description update, sale pricing. This does not include listing integrity edits such as; spelling, grammar, dimensions, stock levels, turn-around times. We want to ensure accurate listings at all times. Please notify us of any integrity edits through

Do local pickups have to be at The Maker’s Hub?

Yes, all pickups must be completed through TMH. The transaction is included with your listing.

How long does it take for The Maker’s Hub to send out the pickup notification?

An email notification will be sent to the buyer within an hour of the item(s) arriving into our inventory.

Do you offer shipping?

TMH does not currently offer shipping, but we’re working on it!

What categories are available?

The Maker’s Hub Handmade Boutique (TMHHB) is open to Makers and Artisans who make Accessories, Artwork, Baby, Beauty & Personal Care, Clothing, Shoes & Handbags, Home, Outdoor & Home Care, Jewelry, Kitchen & Dining, Pet Supplies, Stationery & Party Supplies, Toys & Games, Novelty and some Food products. If you don’t see your category listed, this does not mean we do not allow the sale of those items in the store. If this is the case, please send any inquires and requests to

What Food products are approved for selling?

Currently, we only accept food products that do not require any refrigeration and have a shelf life until picked up.

Food products must also be packaged.

We cannot guarantee ‘peanut free’ etc as they may be stored in proximity with other products with these ingredients from other vendors at TMH.

Are there different requirements for Food vendors?

Yes, food vendors must provide proof of the following;

  • Insurance
  • DineSafe certified kitchen
  • Food handlers permit
Do I need to have business insurance?

While we recommend all businesses carry business insurance, those without business insurance will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A decision will be made based on the levels of risk and liability associated with the product(s) being sold. 

What if I already sell online?

No problem! You can list your products with us too!!

If I sell online elsewhere do you require the pricing to be the same?

We do not require you to price your product the same as you sell it elsewhere, but we recommend it, as it builds customer trust and consistency within your brand.

Do you offer exclusivity to an item?

No. The only way this would be possible is if the Maker creates an original product.

Does The Maker’s Hub offer stock-storage on location for quicker turnaround times and convenience?

Yes, absolutely! We offer both 2’x2’ and 1’x1’ stock-storage within our secure location. If you have large items, this will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The 1’x1’ stock-storage is $9.95+HST/month and paid by pre-authorized payments.

The Pro Sellers Plan includes the 2’x2’ stock-storage convenience.

Product Photos

Quality product photos will be paramount for listing approvals. Photos must be clear, in-focus, square crop, bright.

Stock photos with a bright white background, using different angles and/or in-use product shots are recommended.

We have partnered with Christine Small Photography for professional photos, stock and in-use, for affordable professional photos and group rates. If you’re investing in professional images, we highly recommend using Christine Small Photography or a professional photographer of your choice.

Professional Photos

You can book a private session with Christine Small Photography. The minimum to book a private session is $200 and includes up to 30 images (31-40 = $250, 41-50 = $300). These can be stock photos, in-use photos and/or headshots. If you wish to book a private session please contact Christine Small directly,

We also offer a group option through TMH using Christine Small Photography. We require a minimum of 30+ images before we can schedule a session with Christine. These images are limited to stock product images & flat lays, with a white background. You are welcome to add as many images as you like to your cart and check out. Whether it’s 5 or 15, plus or minus. Images are $7.50/each. Once we reach a collective minimum of 30 images, we will book a session with Christine. You are responsible to drop your items for photographing off at TMH with a brief overview of how many images/angles etc of each product you would like.

What marketing efforts will be made by The Maker’s Hub to promote the shop, drive traffic and assist will sales?

TMH has an extremely active social media presence with daily posting and engagement. We are consistently and regularly promoting and driving traffic from our social media outlets to the website.

TMHHB will be integrated with both Facebook and Instagram which will allow for easy, clickable links to send customers directly to the shop.

We also have a direct marketing channel through our newsletter which boasts over 1,400 subscribers and is continuing to grow.

In-house promotion is also present through our Showcase Gallery which is an in person display of products.

Will The Maker’s Hub cross promote other retail venues we sell at?

No, we will not be promoting other retail locations in our shop. We will promote the Maker and their business, but no links to other sites or markets as our intention is to keep traffic on our site to promote sales through our sales channel.

If this is something you are interested in you can include it in your business listing on the Handmade Shopping Directory, Which is included in your subscription fee. You can add links and cross promote your business and various platforms there.

Is there a sellers group?

Yes, absolutely! We love community and communication. There is a private, ‘Sellers Only’ Facebook for Makers selling through TMHHB.

What if we have a Shopping Directory Listing already?

You can have both!

All sellers receive a Shopping Directory listing as a feature of their subscription plan. You can even use address in your website link (if you do not have a website link) to help drive traffic to the shop.

Is the Maker required to communicate with the buyer at any time through the sales process?

No. Unless there is a specific question about the product TMH cannot answer from the product listing, or there is a dispute about the final product requiring a return, exchange or repair. All unusual questions or disputes will be re-directed to the Maker to handle.

Can a listing be put on ‘vacation’ mode?

Yes. Listings can be put under vacation mode and unavailable. The regular monthly listing fee will still apply to hold the listing in the shop. If a Maker would like to remove their listing, we do require a minimum of 2 weeks notice. If a listing is removed it may be subject to reapplication to be relisted by submitting a new Listing Form.

All vacation requests must be submitted through

What if there is a medical or health emergency and a Maker is unable to fulfill orders?

If a seller is unable to fulfill an order that has been placed and paid for TMH needs to be informed immediately in order to communicate with the buyer. TMH will reach out to the buyer and offer a full refund or a delayed completion date (indicated by the seller). It will be up to the buyer to decide what works best for them.

If the seller has already been paid for the sale, TMH will deduct the amount owed from the next pay deposit. If there are no pending deposits or the deposit does not cover the amount owed, the seller will be invoiced and expected to pay within 24hrs.

What if we need to close due for medical reasons?

Medically related closures will be handled the same way as vacation mode. The regular monthly listing fee will still apply to hold the listing in the shop. If a Maker would like to remove their listing, it may be subject to reapplication to be relisted by submitting a new Listing Form.

With medically related closures, we will waive the 2-week minimum notice.

All requests must be submitted through

What about privacy issues/laws?

Please refer to Shopify’s privacy and legal page,



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