Peace of Home By Jenna Woodward

Hello, I am a 26 year old entrepreneur just creating a dream, I am a home based business in Northumberland County. I create handmade signs, gifts, home decor, door mats, pillows & MORE!
* Custom orders available *
I offer in Home Workshops that offer you to create your own Door Mat, Signs, Pillows or Trays starting at $45 per person. Workshops are typically 2-3 hours in length. Fun Fact! Once you have 8 people the host gets there spot FREE yes I said FREE!!
I have such a strong passion for creating the items that I make, it brings me the most JOY when I am in the office or workshop creating the projects, its honestly my relaxing time I am in my zen completely and I thank you all for this!
My goal within the next year is to make this my full time gig! With that being said I currently work part time in an office setting which I LOVE, but I have such passion and joy for this lovely business I have created it is my #1 goal to make this a dream come true!  So my typical day looks like 9am-5pm work and then 6pm-12am working and creating things for Peace of Home.
Thanks for stopping by the page, From the bottom of my heart as always I appreciate the support an love from all of you for my growing side business
Until next time, xx Jen
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