Hello, my name is Sheena. I am the maker behind Sun Kissed Owl Boutique.  I make mostly earrings but also some bookmarks, hair clips and elastics and key chains. I make my products out of vegan leather, stone, beads, wood, and metals. My products are lead and nickel free. If interested in anything please send me a message. Custom vegan leather orders welcome as well.

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Jewelry is not only beautiful but it can say something too!

Something empowering, healing and grounding.  With that in mind

I have designed a unique line of pieces where nature’s most basic elements are transformed into stunning pieces that celebrate life and the world around us.

• Maybe a bangle with inspirational words

•When  you have a goal and need to be helped along the way

• Necklace with the GPS coordinates of where you got married.

•Family Tree Necklaces to honor your family

There are a lot of ways to tell your story and I would love to help you tell yours.

Hi! I’m Karen!

Welcome to Feelings of Love Jewelry!

I’ve been making unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces locally  for almost 10 years

All of my pieces are Hand Stamped one letter and design at a time.

Designing a piece for you that is unique is my passion!

Some of my specialties are Personalized Jewelry for Birthdays, Anniversaries and even weddings.

Get a cup of coffee or tea, come on in and take a peek!  You just might find something that tickles your fancy!

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